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City: Birmingham


Doctors in Birmingham, UK - General Practitioners, Cosmetic Surgery

We make it easy to find Doctor's Offices in Birmingham, Medical Specialists in Birmingham, Surgeons in Birmingham, and Surgery Clinics in Birmingham. Look up a doctor in Birmingham, then check out the address, reviews and print out the directions and map to the doctor in Birmingham.

Medical professionals in the directory include MDs in Birmingham, general practitioners & family doctors in Birmingham, plus specialists for back, spine, arthroscopic knee, ankle surgeries in Birmingham. There are also listings for heart, breast and brain specialists in Birmingham, plus ear, nose, sinus & allergy specialists in Birmingham. We do not provide information on dentists in Birmingham. We suggest you visit our sister site of Dentists in Birmingham. MDs can also be found that specialise in neck, hernia and hip replacement surgery Birmingham. UK Doctors, GPs & UK General Practitioners are more than prescription writers - they are part of the Birmingham health community. Private Medical Insurance can always be a challenge, but there are Birmingham Medical Insurers offering Private Health Insurance.

Cosmetic Surgery also known as plastic surgery is now a routine part of many people's medical lives. We understand this and provide listings of private cosmetic surgery clinics in Birmingham,UK including plastic surgery, Lasik laser eye surgery in Birmingham, and other corrective eye surgery in Birmingham, plus weight loss surgery in Birmingham, such as gastric bypass surgery in Birmingham and liposuction. Cosmetic surgery doctors who specialist in breast enhancement in Birmingham, hair loss, and eyelid surgery in Birmingham, can also be found here.

We enable our readers to review doctors in Birmingham. If you've had a good or bad experience with a doctor in Birmingham then write your review today. You can also rate doctors in Birmingham. If you know of another Birmingham doctor who should be listed, then please submit to our listings page for doctors in Birmingham.

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Premium Listings:

Dr. A J Chitnis
Drs. A N Verma
Drs. A P Thompson
Dr A U Shah
Doctors Abbas, S
Drs. Abdel-Malek, G T
Dr Abhyanker, U
Doctor Acharya, M P
Doctor Adak, A K
Dr Ahmad, N
Drs Ahmad, S Z
Drs Ainsworth, A F C
Dr Ali, I
Doctor Allan, A M
Doctors Allcock, J N
Doctor Allen, M P
Doctors Allin, D M
Drs. Alonzo, K H R
Drs. Ambasht Surgery
Dr Anfilogoff, R
Doctor Arora G R Surgery
Drs Arora, K J
Doctors Arora, P S
Drs. Aston Health Centre
Drs Aylin, D R
Dr. B Ahmed & Haroon A M
Drs Bailey, G M
Doctor Bakul Kumar
Doctors Bancroft, G
Doctor Bancroft, G N
Dr Bancroft, J
Dr Banerjee, T
Dr. Banham, S
Doctor Bansel, J K
Dr. Barnt Green Surgery
Dr Bartlett, M A
Dr. Bartley, K M
Drs Basil, T
Doctor Bate, C
Dr Bates Rees Gohil Ahmed
Drs Batra, S
Dr. Bent, J A
Drs. Bhadri, A D
Drs Bhadri, A D
Doctors Bhadri, A D
Drs Bhattacharyya, B
Dr. Bhogal, K S
Doctor Bickley, P
Dr Birmingham & the Black Country Health Au
Doctor Birmingham & the Black Country Health Au
Doctors Birmingham Nuffield Hospital
Doctor Blackford, P
Dr. Bora, D
Doctors Bordsley Green Surgery
Drs Borg-Bartolo, P P
Drs. Bosworth Medical Centre
Dr. Bosworth, M R
Doctors Bournebrook & Vrsity Medical Centre
Drs Bournville Surgery
Dr Brake, R C
Drs. Broomhead, M E
Drs. Browne, S D
Dr. Budh-Raja Drs V.P.& S
Doctor Buerstedde, G
Dr. Cameron, J
Drs Campbell, A J G
Doctors Carnegie Institute
Drs. Carter, S
Doctor Casey, M D
Doctor Casey, M D
Drs. Castle Practice The
Dr Castle Vale Health Centre
Doctors Cavendish Surgery
Dr. Chaim, T
Drs. Chaparala, B C
Doctors Cheel, C
Drs. Cheeman, M N
Doctor Cherry, R C
Doctor Chitnis, A J
Drs. Chitnis, J G
Drs Chudley, S M
Doctor Church Lane Surgery
Drs City Road Medical Centre
Drs. Clarke, P F F
Drs. Clarkson, M E
Doctors Cofton Medical Centre
Dr. Cogbill, P G
Doctor Coleman, G M
Doctors Collard, J
Drs. Commander, R A D
Doctors Commander, R A D
Drs Consulting Rooms
Dr Cooke Dr M A
Dr Cooke, A M
Dr. Cooke, H B J
Drs Cooper, M R
Drs Cornhill Surgery
Dr. Coward, A D
Doctors Crocker, C
Dr. Crooks, M P
Doctors D Richardson
Drs. Dadheech, H
Drs Dadheech, V K
Doctors Dadheech, V K
Doctor Dakin, M C
Doctors Dakin, M C
Doctor Das, J
Drs Davies, C
Drs. Dawson, K G
Drs Daya, P
Doctors Debenham, S E
Doctors Deiry, A A
Dr. Denning, R
Drs Desveaux, J C
Drs Dominey, J A
Doctors Dr A A Khan
Drs Dr Brian McConkey Conslt Physn
Drs. Dr D J Weddell
Doctor Dr E O'Brien
Dr. Dr Hall Martin
Dr. Dr I Chakma
Drs. Dr J.T Davies
Doctor Dr K.T Moussa
Drs Dr L Saldanha
Drs. Dr M J Shah
Doctors Dr M T Mina Surgery
Doctor Dr M Tippins
Dr Dr Margaret Lewis & Partners
Dr Dr N Gaballam
Drs. Dr P S Jhittay
Drs Dr R Chopra Surgery
Dr Dr Renu Rastogi M.R.C.O.G
Dr. Dr Riyaz Ahmed
Doctor Dr S H Pai
Doctors Dr S Khalid
Doctors Dr U Valsalan
Drs. Drs Bailey Giddings Lanham & Moore
Drs. Drs Chauhan Shapiro & Seabourne
Drs Drs Chitnis Parnaik Griffiths Wallace Joshi & Chitnis
Dr Drs Cooper Cheetham & Boden
Dr Drs Crosland Ormond & Udokang
Drs Drs Hamilton Hall Ecclestone
Dr Drs Harrower Harrower & Goode
Drs Drs Hiscock Wells Thompson King & Heath
Doctor Drs Horton Long Collard & Sarin
Drs. Drs Karim Ahmid & Rahar
Dr. Drs Karzoun & Gill
Dr Drs Kett Baird Daniell 0'Donnell Crombie & Horton
Dr. Drs Machin Evans Edwards & Dominey
Doctors Drs P & K Narayan
Drs Drs Parkin Hodgson Taylor Payne & Ramjohn
Drs Drs Parle Chudley Parle Cherry & Gandhi
Drs Drs Pearson & O'Gorman
Dr Drs Prasad Commander Chandra
Doctor Drs Raghavan Naseem
Dr Drs Senior Skingle & Downes
Dr Drs Syed & Dibdin
Drs. Drs Zargar & Wali
Dr Dudley Park Medical Centre
Dr. Dudley, P M
Dr. Dunford, C
Drs. Eagle, C D
Dr. Eagling, E M
Drs Edge, R
Dr. Edward, M G
Dr Edwards, G J
Drs Edwina M Lovesey
Doctors Ejaz Medical Centre
Doctor Elsheikh, O
Doctor Eric Harris
Dr Eton Wood Medical Centre
Doctors Evans, R
Dr Fairway Surgery
Dr Fawcett, C J
Dr. Fernandez, S L
Doctors Fernandez, S L
Doctor Fiaisal, N
Drs. Fields, S
Dr Fleming, D M
Doctors Fletcher, R I
Drs Forrest, M
Drs Francis, A E
Drs Frankley Health Centre
Doctor G D Oates
Drs G H Francis Practice
Dr. G T Brown
Doctors George Malek & I Y Mattar
Drs Gilbert R Smith
Doctor Goldin, H J
Doctors Goodwin, I D
Doctor Grant, I M
Doctors Great Barr Group Practice
Drs. Greater Yardley Primary Care Trust
Doctors Griffiths, P R
Drs Griffiths, P R
Doctor Grocutt, M S
Dr Guirguis, H M
Doctor H K Wadhwa Surgery
Doctor Hafeez A & Hafeez F Drs
Doctors Haider, F S
Drs. Hakeem, A G
Doctor Hall, M G
Doctors Hamilton, P A
Doctor Hamnett, E
Doctors Handsworth Medical Centre
Dr. Handsworth Medical Practice
Drs. Handsworth Wood Medical Centre
Drs. Harrower, R F
Doctor Harrower, S
Doctor Hazelwood Group Practice
Drs Health Centre
Dr Heritage, J
Dr Highgate Medical Centre
Doctors Hill, C A
Doctors Hill, P
Drs. Hillmeads Health Centre
Dr Hirsch, M
Doctor Hobbs, R
Dr Hofmann, H
Doctor Hogan, D J
Doctor Holland, C
Doctor Holly Bush Medical Centre
Drs. Holly Oaks Medical Centre
Dr. Holweger, W I
Doctor Hooper, M B
Doctors Horton, G
Dr Houghton, P G
Doctor Houlston, P
Doctor Hughes, T J
Doctor Iyengar, P G
Doctor Iyer, S
Dr. Iyer, S J
Drs J B & Edwards Dicker Drs
Drs. J C Felderhof
Dr J G Chitnis
Drs J K Modi
Doctor J R Kumble
Doctor J R Lee
Doctors Jamaluddin, M
Drs. Jamieson, D G
Drs Jaron, A G
Drs Jheeta, B S
Drs. Joanne Shaylor
Drs. Johnson, J W E
Dr. Jones, A G
Drs Jones, M M
Dr Jordan, R H A
Dr. Joshi, K
Dr K R Venkat
Dr. K T Prasad & Partners
Dr Kandula, D R
Doctors Kandula, V
Doctors Karamdad, D R
Doctor Karandikar, R V
Dr Karim, M B
Drs. Kathuria, U
Drs. Kay, J
Dr Kelly, M
Drs Kett, D W
Drs Khaira, G
Doctor Khan, A
Dr. Khattak, S H
Drs. Khattak, S S
Dr. Kingdale Surgery
Doctors Kings Road Surgery
Drs. Kingsmount Medical Centre
Doctor Kingstanding Circle Surgery
Doctor Kirkwood, J L
Drs Kulshrestha Dr R P
Drs. Kumar, R S
Dr. Kumar, R S
Doctor Laurie Pike Health Centre
Dr Law, D P F
Doctor Lawrence, N
Dr. Leach Heath Medical Centre
Drs Lee Bank Group Practice
Dr. Lee, J R
Drs Leigh, C
Doctor Leung, H K H
Drs Lilford, V
Drs. Linney, S F
Doctor Lloyd, S C
Dr. Loftus, C E
Drs Long, S
Drs Lorna Gold
Dr. Loughridge, J B
Dr Lumley, L
Dr M A Latthe
Drs M A Saleem
Drs. M Ahamed
Drs M Ahmad
Dr. M D Sheikh
Doctor M H S Qureshi
Dr M K Alam Doctor
Drs. M M Alvi
Drs. M M Latthe & R Keshri
Doctor M N Mishra
Dr. M Saigol Surgery
Dr. M Salin
Dr M.D Agarwal
Doctors M.J Roper-hall FRCS
Drs. Macerola, G
Doctors Machin Dr P
Doctors Machin, P
Dr. Manyweathers, V
Dr Martin, N A J
Drs Mavi, B S
Drs. McDonnell, J H
Drs. McQuillan Dr E J
Dr Medical Centre
Doctors Mehta, R
Dr Mehta, R L
Doctors Michalos, M D
Dr. Milledge, D T
Drs. Miller, L F
Drs Milligan, W
Drs Mirfield Surgery
Doctor Miskin, S J
Drs. Moore, S
Doctors Moorgreen Medical Centre
Drs Morgan, P
Doctors Morrison Surgery
Dr Moseley Medical Centre
Dr Moussa, K T
Dr Mukherjee, S
Drs. Muralidar, R
Doctor Murray, J
Doctor N Shannon & M Street
Doctor Naik, J R
Dr Naik, J R
Doctors Nall, P T
Drs. Nancarrow, J D
Drs. Narayan, B S
Doctor Nash, M J
Drs. Nazem, A B M
Doctors Nazki, M T
Doctors NCS Cosmetic Surgeries
Doctors Newton Health Centre
Drs North Worcestershire District Health Authority
Drs Northfield H C Properties Ltd.
Dr Nyholm, E
Drs O'Brien, E
Drs. Ojha, A
Dr Oscott Clinic
Drs. Otte,A,
Dr. P Acland
Drs P D Simon
Dr P Gonsalves
Doctors P K Sahay
Doctors Pal, P
Doctors Pankhania Dr N R
Drs Pardoe, I S
Doctors Park Medical Centre
Doctors Parkes, S
Drs Parle, H J E
Doctors Parle, J V
Drs. Parnaik, V G
Dr. Parry, D L
Doctor Patel, C
Dr. Patel, C
Drs Patel, R
Drs. Patel, R P
Doctors Paterson, J T
Doctors Pathodi, S K
Drs Pattni, B L
Drs Payne, R J
Doctors Pears, P E
Dr. Pentecost, B L
Drs Perry Park Surgery
Drs Phillips, C R
Doctor Pomeroy, R T
Drs Potter, C M
Doctors Potter, C M
Drs Pourgourides, K
Drs. Pourgourides, K C
Drs Prasad, K T
Drs. Prince of Wales Nursing Homes
Doctors Pritchard, T R
Drs. Puga Dr A
Drs. R Chopra
Doctors R G Mattar
Drs R P Kulshrestha
Doctors Rahbar, M S
Doctor Rajesh, R
Drs Ralston, G
Drs Ramarao, M V
Drs. Ramjohn, M A
Doctors Rangwani, M
Drs. Rayton, E L
Drs Rayton, E L
Dr. Rees, A H
Dr Rehmany, K M
Doctors Rehmany, K M
Dr Reservoir Road Surgery
Dr Robson, C
Dr. Robynn C Ormond
Drs. Romsey, J M A R
Doctors Roychoudhury, M
Drs. Russell, G
Doctors S A Zasar
Drs S Clay
Dr. S K Ahmed
Drs S K Dhamija
Dr. S R Reddy
Drs. S Saikia
Doctors S Y Sham
Doctor S Y Sham
Dr. Sa Latif
Doctors Saini, M S
Dr. Salar, T A
Doctor Saltley Health Centre
Doctor Scott, P E
Doctor Selcroft Avenue Surgery
Doctor Selly Park Surgery
Drs Sen-Gupta, T K
Dr Severn House Surgery
Dr Sham, S Y
Dr Shanker-Narayan, M G
Dr Sharma, A
Doctor Sharma, A
Drs Shastri, M M
Dr. Sherwood House Medical Practice
Doctor Shilpa Medical Centre
Drs Shipman, P A
Dr. Shuppler, P E R
Doctor Simon, P D
Doctor Simpson, M
Doctor Sinclair, A
Doctor Singal, A
Drs Singh, H J
Doctor Singh, S
Dr Sinha, A
Doctor Sinha, A K
Dr. Smart, C J
Dr. Smart, C J
Drs Smith, R N
Dr Soho Health Centre
Doctors Somerset, R B
Drs. South Doc Services Ltd.
Doctors Southgate Surgery
Dr Spannuth, F
Drs Springfield Medical Practice
Doctor Springfield Surgery
Doctors St James Medical Centre
Dr St. Peters Medical Centre
Dr Starritt, M P
Doctors Steedman, G
Dr Steedman, G
Dr. Steedman, G
Dr Stevenson, I H
Doctors Storer, A
Doctor Summon, D
Dr. Sundial Lane Surgery
Drs. Sutherland, G A
Dr Swan Medical Centre
Drs. Swani, M S
Drs T Morgan
Doctors Tadros, F
Drs Targett, D H
Dr Taylor, D G B
Dr. Taylor, J M
Dr. Tenderness Ltd.
Dr The Aylesbury Surgery
Doctors The Collingwood Family Practice
Drs The Lane Medical Centre
Dr. The Surgery
Dr. The Surgery
Drs The Surgery
Dr. The Surgery
Doctor The Surgery
Drs The Wand Medical Centre
Dr. Thillainayagam, L M
Dr. Thomas, M K
Dr Thomas, M K
Dr Thomas, V
Dr. Thompson, A P
Dr. Tovey, P J
Dr Tower Hill Medical Centre
Drs Tracy L Poltock
Drs. Tracy L Poltock
Dr. Trivedi, K
Dr. Trivedi, K M
Dr. Trivedi, K M
Drs University Medical Practice
Doctors V J Manyweather
Drs V Vijh
Dr Valsalan & Bhappi Practice
Dr. Verma, S K
Dr. Vora, A K
Drs. Vora, A K
Drs W Van Marle
Drs. Wadhwa, H K
Doctor Wake Green Surgery
Drs Walji, M T I
Drs Walker, W E
Dr Wallace, P
Doctor Wardlaw, M M S
Doctor Watkins, S
Drs. Watson, K
Doctors Watts, G T
Drs. Weeks, M C
Dr Whittaker, C M
Dr. Whitwell, H
Doctor Wigley, E J
Dr. Wijnberg, A W
Dr. Wilcox, R M
Doctors Wilkinson, M J B W
Drs Williams, J
Drs Wilson, F
Drs Wingate, V A
Dr Wood, J K
Drs. Woodacre Surgery
Doctor Woollaston, K A
Dr. Wozniak, J T
Dr Yardley Grn Medical Centre
Drs. Young, B Y
Drs. Young, G B
Dr. Zafir Ali
Doctors Zargar, G M


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